My name is Karmen and I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. My favourite types of training are High intensity training (HIT), running and yoga. I believe that a healthy balance is integral to maintaining a mental and spiritual flow. I also firmly believe that motivation comes from enjoying your exercise, challenging your body, and seeing results.

IMG_8634Most people assume that in order to get lean or toned, you’d have to do endless hours of cardio and starve yourself. The assumption is that if someone goes to the gym, that they’re trying to lose weight, or if they’re eating ‘’healthily”, they’re on a diet.
This is not the case. I live a healthy and active lifestyle, it has nothing to do with wanting to lose weight. I want to have a strong and perfectly functioning body and mind.
This way I have more energy and my mind feels balanced. Being active and healthy improves the quality of our life!!


LAO Level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing
Anatomy and Physiology Level 1 and 2
Instructing Group Exercise
Health, Safety & Welfare in a Fitness Environment


  • Fat Loss
  • HIT (High Intensity Training)
  • Circuit Training
  • Body Toning

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