“My name is Resta. I have always been active woman, but a few years ago I gained 15 kg. I was depressed and did not had any motivation to.

 Last year ago I made my first step and contacted Karmen regarding my weight and digestion problems. After a long talk with her, she told me that we were going to change everything. Being healthy will become your lifestyle! We looked over my meal plan, water consumption and all the small steps to make my body healthy to accelerate my metabolism. She helped me to know and listen more what my body needs. She made me a workout plan and still supports me week to week. The first training days were extremely challenging, but every week Karmen asked me how I was doing. If everything was good and if I still have my motivation to workout? She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Her workout plans are brilliant. Even if you feel that exercise is too much, you can talk to her and she will change it to suit you. She is really unbelievable!



In the beginning it took me a lot of force to go to the gym but now, it has become my a lifestyle and I need Karmen-Kadri workouts to survive the week. My journey is not finished yet. Best part of it is that I have the best Personal Trainer. She has been with me in good times and tough times. I trust her completely.The results I have achieved to date are because of Karmen-Kadri’s perfect combination of diverse training plans, personal exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Karmen-Kadri has been my personal trainer for almost a year. Her devotion is remarkable and I have never felt stronger and healthier.

Thank You !

Written by: Karmen Kadri

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